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90% ICON Something to be proud of ... and still missing that 10% to be totally honest with you....

4 November 2020



90% ICON
Something to be proud of ... and still missing that 10% to be totally honest with you. As it turns out, two weeks after the race, I really love those cherries on the top of the cake.


I got 18 hours to eat the cake, and it was absolutely delicious!
Never tasted something quite like it.
Not literally, as on the day my stomach was not as easy and open as my spirit was.
But with 5 salty crackers packages and 2 bottles of cola my support team got me as far as 90% of the race, reaching 4th place among the ladies in terms of longest distance covered.

Kudos to the two ladies who reached the top! We settled with this, honestly it was a wise decision. My attention and ability to balance myself and walk/run was seriously compromised.
But that “extreme” fire has not settled after the race (sort of “been there, done that”, “off the list!” kind of feeling).

Quite contrary, it got stronger every day of my two weeks of recovery!
We were just 10% off ... and I enjoyed the journey so much, that I’m already looking forward to pick up the path and get into the direction of those gaps that came evident during the race ... that way I will learn even more, I will keep on improving and expanding, I will get myself again into incredible situations I have never felt before!


Can I ask for more?


See you!

FUSIONTEAM atleet Eugenia Pocoroba



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