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Does the 226ers sports nutrition fits a keto diet?

door Rodrigue Montulet
27 Oktober 2021

The Keto Diet Is a High Fat, Moderate Protein And Low Carbohydrate Diet. How do you train for a 70.3 distance and stick to a keto diet? 226ERS Smart Fuel offers a great solution. Rodrigue tells you more about his experiences with 226ERS Smart Fuel.

I was searching a brand that I could work with my special keto diet and at the same time with some good high and low glycemic index ratio. I discovered 226ERS by searching on the net for special keto gel for triathlon..

I was really happy to find the smart fuel gel and finally really surprised about the good work it made on my 70.3 race in Lanzarote.

As a keto athlete (highfat/lowcarb engine) I struggled so many times in races or even trainings, with the use of too much fast sugars in bars or gels that let me with a sense of no more power after some ks in the middle of the race...

1 year  and a half ago, I switched to keto diet nutrition after a genetic test that let me know how to give the real fuel for my human engine, it leads to the fact that my body needs more good fats to perform and less carbohydrates to give a supplement of energy to my body during my efforts.

226ERS and its Smart Fuel gel combined with the High Energy gel with BCAA's and cafeine 160mg worked really well for me on a « more than 4hs effort » and I’m really looking forward to use it for my next races and test some new products in the future. With the clever mix of Smart Fuel, Hydrazero drink, Energy gel BCAA and Cafeine 160mg, my legs bring me at a qualification for the worlds 2022 and also no feelings of empty engine during the races. I am happy!

Actual race nutrition plan:
I put the accent on the bike on a 20/40/60 min nutrition protocol by taking on a one hour example, a smart fuel gel at 20 and 60 minutes each time on the bike cut by a energy gel at 40’. Bcaa or caféine. For liquids, only hydra zero and water on the bike and taking not too much sugar in my bottles to avoid a saturation in glycogen and let my body working the most as possible in my “good fats” tank. I took also a salty trail bar in the middle of my effort on the bike but I suggest to take it in long downhill or easy flat to let the body digest it more easily! 

On the run it was only 2 carbohydrate gels (1 energy normal and 1 with caféine 80mg)  on the 21k distance mixed with water or cola at feeding zone. 



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