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Ontdek TRI-FIT triathlonkleding : Een nieuw tijdperk

Discover TRI-FIT triathlon clothing: A new era

, by Julian Spraakman, 3 min reading time

Welcome to TRI-FIT, where passion for triathlon merges with innovative clothing. From the versatile EVO NEXT GEN to the expressive EVO 2.3 and the lightning-fast GEO trisuit. For beginners and professionals, regardless of distance. Our mission? A fitter, healthier, greener future. #RUTRIFIT?

Discover TRI-FIT: A New Era in Triathlon Clothing

We are excited to introduce our newest brand, TRI-FIT. This British company, founded by the passionate Dan Evans, aims to become the world's leading triathlon clothing brand. Their mission? Creating modern, practical and high-quality triathlon clothing using the best fabrics and the latest technologies and designs.

The Story of TRI-FIT

In 2017, Dan Evans competed in the Dubai Ironman 70.3 wearing what was then considered the industry's leading trisuit. However, his experience at that time led him to believe that he could do this better himself. With nothing more than a pencil, a blank sheet of paper and his vision, Dan set out to design and test his own triathlon suit.

After months of development, testing and fine-tuning, the TRI-FIT EVO was born. Within months of its launch, the suit won the first 220 Triathlon "Best on Test" award , an honor it retained for three years in a row. From that moment on, TRI-FIT has not stood still and has expanded their range with new models such as the GEO and the EVO 2.3, as well as a complete line of cycling, swimming and running clothing.

Community Spirit and Devotion

What sets TRI-FIT apart is not only the performance focus of their products, but also their team spirit and commitment to integrity. They believe in strength, endurance and performance, values ​​they convey in every piece they produce.

And that is not all. TRI-FIT assures its customers to give back 1% of all sales (not just profits) to environmental initiatives through the "1% for the Planet" program. The owner Dan Evans himself indicates in a conversation with TriathlonWorld that "This is the least we can do for our future and future generations."

Which TRI-FIT Suit suits you?

A frequently asked question at TriathlonWorld is: "Which suit is best for you and your racing needs?" Let's take a closer look at the different tri suits:

EVO NEXT GEN: The EVO, the suit that started it all! Suitable for beginners to professionals, this versatile triathlon suit offers comfort, breathability and tons of features. Perfect for all distances, from sprint to Ironman.

EVO 2.3: The EVO 2.3 tri-suit is different. Unlike the EVO NEXT GEN and GEO, which focus on speed and cutting-edge technology, the EVO 2.3 stands for fun, self-expression and the freedom of outdoor sports. Ideal for beginners and experienced athletes looking for an affordable suit that stands out. Ideal for sprint, Olympic and IRONMAN 70.3 distances.

GEO: The GEO trisuit is designed for speed. A stripped racing monster without frills and with lots of storage options that is made to go fast. Ideal for athletes who want top performance without sacrificing style.

Suitable for all distances.

Our conclusion

Whether you are new to the sport and looking for a striking suit that is affordable (EVO 2.3). Whether you prefer a versatile and award-winning suit (EVO NEXT GEN), or are really looking for a streamlined racing monster for top performance (GEO), TRI-FIT has something for everyone.

The journey to a fitter, healthier and greener future starts here, together with TRI-FIT at TriathlonWorld. That leaves us with one last question: #RUTRIFIT?

Discover the new TRI-FIT collection here!




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Discover TRI-FIT triathlon clothing: A new era