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Purepower sports nutrition x triathlonworld

As a triathlete, your body is your most important instrument and nutrition is actually the 4th discipline. To perform optimally and achieve your goals, it is important to provide your body with the right fuel. The triathlon season has now started and there is a good chance that your first race is just around the corner. All the more important to test now which sports nutrition works best for you! We would like to introduce you to the PurePower brand.

purepower - a unique approach

PurePower distinguishes itself by its unique approach to sports nutrition, originated from a parent company that has its roots in the medical world. The focus is on developing nutritional supplements that are not only aimed at improving performance, but also at health. This translates into high-quality products that are specifically designed for and by athletes to perform optimally.

What makes PurePower Sports nutrition so unique?

  • Wide range: PurePower has a wide range of products, such as energy gels, sports drinks and energy bars.
  • For athletes, by athletes: PurePower works closely with the best athletes to clearly identify the needs of athletes around the world.

" PurePower Sports nutrition is distinguished by its unique approach to sports nutrition, originating from a parent company that has its roots in the medical world."

Lenno Huizer - Product expert at TriathlonWorld

did you know...

  • PurePower is a manufacturer of sports nutrition from Denmark.

  • The products have been developed in collaboration with ambassadors, top athletes and experts, which ensures the very best product quality.

  • PurePower is the most popular sports nutrition on the market in Scandinavia.

  • The most important pillars of PurePower products are: quality, taste and availability!

Energy gel without caffeine

with Bacillus Coagulans

A striking feature of PurePower Sports Nutrition is their energy gel without caffeine, but with added Bacillus Coagulans, a probiotic. This innovative composition has been specially developed to be kind to the stomach and to prevent stomach cramps and discomfort, which often occurs during intensive exercise such as triathlons.

This makes PurePower's energy gel not only effective for providing quick energy, but also gentle on digestion, allowing triathletes to fully concentrate on their performance without distraction from stomach problems.

pure power - energy chews

candy as fuel

Even if you don't like gels, PurePower has the solution: chews. These are small gummies and resemble candies. These are available in cola and fruit mix flavors. One bag of sweets is equivalent to 1.5 gels and can serve as a perfect alternative to gels.

Another advantage is that you can spread out your carbohydrate intake nicely by choosing to take 4 chews every fifteen minutes. Definitely worth a try!

the big advantage

The idea of ​​grabbing a bag of 'regular' wine gums is tempting, but these ordinary sweets can also have disadvantages. They contain sugars and can lead to a heavy feeling in the stomach and sometimes even nausea, especially because they are not specifically designed for athletes. The big advantage of these chews is that they are not just candy , but have been developed with athletes, for athletes.

pure power in practice

We will give you a helping hand and give you some tips on how to best use PurePower products!

nutrition plan & scenarios

Warm weather coming or are you sweating a lot?Warm weather coming or are you sweating a lot?

Then the Hydro Tabs are the must-have in your sports bag. The Hydro Tabs do not contain carbohydrates, but only essential salts and minerals that ensure that your fluid intake is maintained!

Swimming training at 7:00 am or even an hour earlier?Swimming training at 7:00 am or even an hour earlier?

Choose the energy snacks from PurePower, you can easily eat these on the way to your training and still get a good energy boost. Saves a lot of time and you still eat your oatmeal!

Need a caffeine boost?Need a caffeine boost?

Don't like coffee but would like to start your training or competition a little sharper? Choose thePurePower Pre-Workout Shot Caffeine .

Struggling to eat breakfast before an important match?Struggling to eat breakfast before an important match?

You can supplement with a Carbo Race Electrolyte bottle, a 750 ml bottle contains 57 grams of carbohydrates. Also the perfect basis for cycling.

Struggling to get your protein intake?Struggling to get your protein intake?

Enjoy the delicious Protein Snack with a layer of chocolate with your coffee, the bar contains 10 grams of proteins.

Optimal recovery after a long endurance training?Optimal recovery after a long endurance training?

Then don't just choose proteins, but choose the Recovery Mix. This recovery drink has been specially developed for endurance sports athletes to immediately replenish carbohydrate stores so that the energy goes to your recovery process. In addition, unlike many protein shakes, the shake has a very fresh taste and can only be mixed with water!

the favorite of triathlonworld

The favorite of the TriathlonWorld Team is the Energy Snack coconut. This energy bar is the perfect fuel source during long endurance rides. The bar is wonderfully smooth and based on oatmeal it provides you with slow carbohydrates. In addition to the coconut flavor, it is also available in caramel / peanut , oatmeal , cranberry and cocoa . We are curious which flavor is your favorite!

the conclusion of triathlonworld

As a triathlete, it is important to choose sports nutrition that not only meets your nutritional needs, but also optimizes your performance without discomfort. With PurePower Sports Nutrition you are assured of high-quality products designed with the needs of triathletes in mind.

PurePower's unique approach, focus on health and wellness, and innovative products make PurePower the ideal choice for any triathlete striving for success on and off the track.


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PurePower Sports Nutrition for Triathletes!