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Sportgels, als duursporter ken je ze wel..

Sports gels, as an endurance athlete you know them...

, by Danielle Ammerlaan, 2 min reading time

Energy gels are perhaps the most commonly used sports nutrition for runners. Not for nothing

Energy gels are perhaps the most commonly used sports nutrition for runners. Not for nothing.

Gels quickly give your body energy. I always thought when I started running, a gel is a gel. I only started using energy gels more regularly during my marathon training. It was more about 'having to' rather than liking it. Hmmm.. I thought the flavors are slightly different every now and then, but the quantity and content of the product is the same.

I saw that some of my training buddies had intestinal complaints when using certain gels. The biggest difference in gels is the composition. Previously, there were mainly gels with a thick substance that resembled syrup and you had to take it with water.

The gels are now less concentrated and are easier to take, these are the isotonic gels . As I mentioned I am not a fan of taking gels, it sticks and has a weird taste/substance. The new flavors of 226ERS have made me think. The 226ERS Isotonic Gels are fresh and neutral in taste and are very easy to remove while running.

I like to take the 226ERS High Energy Gels for an early morning workout when I go running around 6:00-7:00 am. I am unable to have a good breakfast 2 hours in advance. Now I like to have a cup of coffee with a 226ERS Race Day Bar, slice of gingerbread, slice of muesli bread or a 226ERS High Energy Gel.

TIP: The 226ERS High Energy Gel Strawberry Salty is my favorite!! Just a dessert.
I never thought I would say this about a sports gel.


I am Daniëlle Ammerlaan: personal trainer, weight consultant and hairdresser. Even as a small child I couldn't sit still, and that never got any better. Sports quickly became my outlet, my biggest hobby and my passion.

Exercise and nutrition are inextricably linked. Eating the right food affects my sports performance and recovery. 226ERS sports nutrition suits me, both in terms of flavors and ingredients. Gluten-free and no added sugars.

On to my first marathon.....!




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Sports gels, as an endurance athlete you know them...