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<strong>The |Benefits| from |Indoor Training|: A Triathlete's Perspective</strong>

The Benefits from Indoor Training: A Triathlete's Perspective

Training tips from Pro Triathlete Kyra Meulenberg

get better through indoor training

  • As an avid triathlete, I often receive curious comments on Instagram: "Why do you train indoors when it's dry outside?" and "How do you cope with training indoors?" . These questions are now familiar territory for me, but they offer an opportunity to share my passion for indoor training. The Benefits of Indoor Training. In this blog I would like to take you through my motivation behind indoor training and share some practical tips to maximize fun and effectiveness.

Kyra Meulenberg - Indoor Trainen

The Motivation Behind Indoor Training

Although training indoors is often associated with intense perspiration and a heavier feeling than outdoors, for me the benefits are clearly visible and carry weight. Here are some reasons why I prefer training indoors:

  • Always nutrition at hand: As a triathlete I often do several training sessions per day. It is crucial to get enough nutrients to successfully complete each workout. Training indoors offers the convenience of keeping my nutrition within reach, without the hassle of opening food during an outdoor ride.
  • Efficiency: Combining a demanding job in finance with an intensive training routine requires tight planning. Training indoors allows me to plan and execute my workouts more efficiently, without the distractions of traffic lights and traffic outside.
  • Focus: Exercising outdoors can sometimes be a challenge, especially in busy cities. It requires constant alertness, especially on a time trial bike. However, training indoors allows me to fully concentrate on the execution of my training, without being distracted by external stimuli.
  • Effectiveness: Training indoors provides a controlled environment in which I can perform my workouts accurately. No so-called 'junk miles', but a focused and effective approach to my workouts, resulting in a more optimal training experience.

"Of course, being outdoors has its charm, especially during long social rides with friends or challenging climbs in the mountains. But for me, the benefits of training indoors often outweigh them."

Kyra Meulenberg - Pro Triathlete

Practical Tips for Enjoyable Indoor Training

  • Distraction: While many suggest enjoying entertainment while exercising, I personally find satisfaction in listening to music and setting small goals. By focusing on my training and achieving small milestones, I stay committed and motivated.
  • Optimal use of materials: Invest in high-quality training equipment and ensure regular maintenance. A smooth-running trainer and a well-ventilated area contribute to a comfortable training experience.
  • Varied workouts: Vary your workout routine to avoid boredom and achieve different workout goals. By integrating a mix of interval training and endurance rides, training remains challenging and interesting.
  • Focus on goals: Keep your bigger goals in mind during every workout. Think about what you want to achieve and let every training contribute to this bigger picture. Visualize your success and stay focused even during the most challenging workouts. 

Don't forget: hydration & nutrition

Don't underestimate the impact that training indoors can have on your body. Ensuring adequate hydration and nutrient intake to maintain your energy levels is extremely important when training indoors. Exercising indoors can lead to more sweating and fluid loss than outdoors, so make sure you get enough water and electrolytes to stay hydrated. I often mix my water bottles with Isotonic Drink and Hydro Tabs so that I can continue to perform optimally.

In addition, it is important to ensure a good intake of carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients to maintain your energy levels and promote muscle recovery. Choose easily digestible snacks and drinks that give you energy without burdening your stomach, so you can continue training in comfort. I always make sure there is a nice balance between gels and bars .

  • Important to remember - There is no right and wrong in the world of sports nutrition . Simply do what makes you feel good and, above all, what you enjoy!

Indoor training offers a valuable solution to effectively complete a busy training schedule. With the right approach and mindset, training indoors can not only be more comfortable, but also more enjoyable become.


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The Benefits of Indoor Training