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Recovery and activation

After an effort it is necessary to recover, not only through nutrition, but also through exercise. BlackRoll's tools have an activating effect and ensure that the muscles remove all waste products produced.

Foam roller

Foam rolling is the most well-known recovery tool, which allows you to simulate a massage by rolling over the roller with the affected muscles. The muscle is activated and waste products are pushed out of the muscle. Ideal to do immediately after a workout or when the muscles require it. BlackRoll has several foam roll variants, including smaller size balls and foam rollers.

Training muscles

In addition to recovery, it is also wise to train weaker muscle groups. This does not always have to be done with heavy weights in the gym, but can simply be done at home with body weight and elastic bands. Cyclists' muscles are loaded very one-sidedly and many muscle groups are not loaded at all. Many cyclists suffer from back and neck problems. These complaints are often related to muscle groups that are underdeveloped and start to protest in the cycling position, which is a shame of course! Train this, based on (professional) personal advice, with the useful tools from Triathlonworld.


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Training Tools