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PurePower | Energy Gel | Caffeine Orange | 60gr

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PurePower | Energy Gel | Caffeine Orange | 60gr


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    PurePower | Energy Gel | Cafeine Raspberry | 60gr PurePower Per Unit
    PurePower | Energy Gel | Cola | 40gr PurePower Per Unit
    PurePower | Energy Gel | Lemon & Tea  | 40gr PurePower Per Unit

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    The Caffeine Gel gives you the best of both worlds: extra energy from carbohydrates and caffeine.

    With the Pure Power caffeine gel, you get an easy, fast and easily absorbable shot of carbohydrates. Perfect to take during longer performances or during a race where you have to get ready for the final sprint! Available in the flavors orange, raspberry and neutral.

    Pure Power caffeine gel gives you both a quick energy replenishment from carbohydrates and the extra energy from the action of caffeine. Then you can gain more power when you run out of energy and benefit from the fact that the caffeine allows you to push yourself a little more.

    Pure Power Caffeine Gel is easy to drink
    Our caffeine gel is considerably more fluid than comparable gel products. This makes it easier to take the gel while running or cycling, without having to stop. At the same time, you don't need to drink water to rinse the gel away.

    In addition, there are significantly more carbohydrates in this gel than in our other gels and energy bars, just as the amount of caffeine is much higher than in competing products. This provides both more energy and a stronger invigorating effect.

    Must be taken at least 30 minutes in advance
    If you want the maximum effect from the Pure Power caffeine gel, you should take it at least 30-60 minutes before your energy supply runs out. How quickly it goes before you feel the effect depends on your metabolism. So if you want an energy supplement for a short workout, and at the same time get the full effect of the caffeine gel from the start, you should consume it 30-60 minutes before you start exercising. On the other hand, if you are going to run a marathon, If you participate in IronMan or take part in a long cycling race, you should take this early enough so that your energy supply remains high and you can stay ahead of the man with the hammer!

    Energy gel with caffeine
    High caffeine content (100mg/100g). Should not be taken by children, pregnant or lactating women.

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      PurePower | Energy Gel | Caffeine Orange | 60gr