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Behind the Brand | Compressport

Behind the Brand | Compressport

, by Chloë Brazil, 3 min reading time

Who is behind the brand? What is Compressport's vision and what can you expect from Compressport this season?

Selling 380 pairs of calf sleeves in 48 hours at a stand at the Ironman in Nice. Sylvain Laur, founder of Compressport, achieved this more than 10 years ago and since then the brand has grown into a global phenomenon with more than 6000 partners!

In our new blog we would like to give you a glimpse into the world of Compressport: Who is behind the brand? What is Compressport's vision and what can you expect from Compressport this season?

Who is behind the name Compressport?
Sylvain Laur, ex-triathlete and trail runner, founded Compressport in Switzerland in 2008. Before that he had a laboratory for cosmetics and nutritional supplements. He also sold compression socks for women to pharmacies. Despite the great quality and the nice soft fabric, the product was not a success.

It wasn't until Laur saw athlete Paula Radcliffe running in high compression socks that it clicked. The products available for athletes at that time were not very practical: the materials were not suitable for long-distance sports. The foot part of the sock made the feet too warm, which meant that you had to cut off the foot part and this is how the original Compressport calf sleeve was created.

What do you really need to know about Compressport?
The name 'Compressport' already says a lot about the products that the brand develops: a range of sportswear for amateur and professional athletes, based on the principle of blood circulation and muscle compression, for a better warm-up and recovery. It ensures that the athletes' performance is improved in this way before, during and after exercise. In addition, compression products from Compressport reduce muscle pain and fatigue.

Laur has deliberately chosen to have its products developed in Europe instead of Asia: “Many competitors have their products produced in Asia, but we consciously choose to have our products produced in Europe. Production in Europe is more sustainable, you know the conditions in which the products are made and it is the best quality.”

What is Compressport's vision?
Like every large company, Compressport also has an important vision in mind: 'to go further'. This vision is not only reflected in the products, but also on the website, in the lookbooks and social media channels.

The most important value that the company has is as follows: 'Always go the extra mile'. According to Laur you can go much further than you think. Continuously looking at the needs and goals of athletes, how they want and can use a product, that is the focus of Compressport. They want to make products that help athletes take that extra step and push boundaries.

“Whether you're a pro athlete or just a regular athlete who trains like crazy to achieve his or her personal goal... We love people who push boundaries. That inspires us.” , says Laur.

What can you expect from Compressport this season?
Since spring is slowly arriving and the sun is starting to shine again, Compressport has developed a number of new products that are perfect for this in new cool colors. Whatever your goals and ambitions are, wherever you are, whatever sport you do. Discover the new spring collection now:

Racing SS shirt: A high-quality, ultra-light microfiber running shirt for maximum ventilation during intensive efforts in warm conditions.

Pro Racing Socks: An extremely stable trail running sock for optimal support and protection on uneven terrain and paths. The socks regulate body temperature and keep the feet cool.

R2v2 Compression Tubes: An iconic, high-performance compression sock to reduce muscle vibration and improve performance no matter what terrain you run on. With the new R2V2 your ankle and Achilles tendon are even better protected!

And don't forget all the new cool accessories. Such as the headbands, visors and caps. View the complete collection here.




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Behind the Brand | Compressport