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Ironman 70.3 Jesolo-Venice in Italië | Zwemmen in de Adriatische zee

Ironman 70.3 Jesolo-Venice in Italy | Swimming in the Adriatic sea

, by Ronald de Graaf, 2 min reading time

A flat bike course and swimming in the sea. The perfect ingredients for a triathlon race in October.

Ironman 70.3 Jesolo-Venice in Italy | Swimming in the Adriatic sea

Erik Peeman, well known as the organizer of the Brouwersdam Triathlon, ended his season in Italy during the weekend of the World Championship in Kona-Hawaii. Exactly 4 years ago (2018), Erik himself was at the start in Hawaii for the triathlon.

Ironman Hawaii | Finish Photo

After a successful Ironman Copenhagen (9 hours.43 minutes) at the end of August, the condition appeared to still be good.

So I decided to do another half triathlon. Considering the recovery period I would need, that should take place sometime in October.

You automatically end up abroad, there is nothing left to find in the Netherlands.

During the corona period I still had an Ironman voucher for an Italian race, so I chose the IM 70.3 Jesolo-Venice . This match was actually scheduled for the end of September, but due to elections in Italy it was moved.

I knew the area from a number of holidays we spent there in high summer several years.

Swimming in the Adriatic Sea, a flat cycle course in the area of ​​Jesolo and walking through Jesolo. They seemed like ideal ingredients for a late season ending, with a nice long weekend.

On Sunday, October 9, the starting shot sounded for me at 8:06 am. Earlier, the men's and women's pros had already left.

The swim went quite well. There was some waves and current, so I just missed the intended 30 minute swim (31 minutes).

Cycling went well. 1 big lap of 90 km on varying asphalt. With an average of 38 you didn't hear me complaining. With a good final run I should be able to go towards 4.35. I tried to maintain the appropriate pace during the first laps of the 3. Unfortunately, this was not possible in the following rounds. So the focus shifted to running out. I finished in 4.48 and ended the season. Conclusion: the recovery from the entire triathlon was not yet completely optimal.

2022 was certainly fun and a fun season, with 2 half triathlons, 1 full triathlon, 2 quarter triathlon and 1/3 triathlon. And was able to organize 2 competitions myself.

Btw: the plans for next season have already been made. But of course I hope to see you in Brouwersdam during the triathlon.


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Ironman 70.3 Jesolo-Venice in Italy | Swimming in the Adriatic sea