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Buy swimming equipment at Triathlonworld

Triathlonworld has a wide range of training tools for swimmers. There are kickboards, snorkels, flippers, pull buoys and paddles. All this to give your swimming training the boost you are looking for!

These articles improve swimming technique and power transmission of the legs and arms.


A kickboard keeps your upper body floating and your arms stable. This way you can fully focus on the leg input. There are many different exercises that a swimming board can help with, with the main focus on the leg stroke.

Swimming snorkel

The snorkel keeps your head straight and in the water. Turning to breathe is no longer necessary. The entire focus is on arm engagement and trunk stability. Extremely valuable if you experience that breathing affects your stroke and you cannot make the right improvements. Alternate your training with the snorkel and improve your stroke!

Swimming flippers

The flippers provide a large thrust from the legs. These can be used to optimize the leg stroke, because a lower leg stroke is immediately punished by the flippers. Flippers can also improve arm deployment because the extra speed allows you to lie higher in, in fact on, the water, allowing you to make the right bet and pull through uninhibitedly without having to worry about the pace, because that is fine with the use of flippers.

Pull buoy

The leg float, as the name suggests, keeps the legs afloat. This means you lie higher in the water and therefore have less resistance. Because sinking legs are not an obstacle, the focus can be on the arm stroke. Be careful, because the pull buoy can mask poor swimming technique. So make sure that the legs also get the right training to prevent sinking without a pull buoy! For example, by using flippers or kickboards. Also take a look at a Pull Kick , this is the combination of a kick board and pull buoy!

Swimming paddles

Paddles make your shoulders burn! Looking for stronger shoulders? Use the paddles and turn your swimming training into a strength training session. This training aid optimizes your arm stroke and makes you stronger. Pay attention to the size of this product, the bigger the effort! In addition, the paddle must also fit comfortably in the hand, so find a middle ground in hand size and paddle type.


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