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Want to buy running gloves or arm warmers?

Stand out and stay warm! These are the main tasks of running gloves or arm warmers. There is a lot of attention for running clothing in all kinds of conditions and gloves and arm warmers also fit in well here. Cold hands and arms while running are unpleasant and can quickly spoil your nice run.

Running is an intensive sport that makes the whole body move, so frozen hands are less likely to occur than when cycling under the same conditions. This information is taken into account in the design of the gloves. Cycling and running gloves are not the same.

The main differences between running gloves are thickness and design. There are different thicknesses for every season, so it is advisable to use thin gloves on an autumn day or a warmer winter day. The thick ones are especially nice in really cold conditions, for example on snowy days when the temperature is around or below freezing.


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Gloves & Armwarmers