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The right cycling socks are of underestimated importance

Good cycling socks are easy to overlook, but they provide warm feet, sweat drainage, comfort in the cycling shoe and optionally less air resistance with aero socks or compression with compression stockings!

Cycling socks are almost always a bit longer than other socks, which ensures a nice fit with long trousers or leg warmers because no bare skin is visible. In the summer you can choose to wear low socks, but here too most cyclists wear longer socks. This is mainly due to habit or simply for aesthetic reasons.

Aero socks provide less air resistance. Fabric is always more aerodynamic than skin, especially when the pole is made to conduct air and the sock has a good, tight fit.

Compression socks and compression stockings are also designed to fit tightly, but to promote blood circulation and thus quickly remove waste products from the muscles. These socks and stockings are an ideal solution for people who often suffer from cramps, muscle pain or varicose veins.


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Cycling Socks and Tubes