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Energy gels for triathletes

You demand a lot from the body during exercise. So give your body what it needs! Triathlonworld has a wide range of sports nutrition, the right product for every situation with a taste to your liking.

The name already gives it away, but these gels provide an energy boost before and during exercise. The substance that mainly provides this energy is carbohydrates, also simply called sugar (and starch).

Carbohydrates are stored in your body and can be quickly converted into energy, but the body only has room for about an hour and a half's worth of carbohydrates.

That is why it is wise to supplement this during exercise to avoid running out of energy! The muscles can also run on fats, which makes the thought of not taking carbohydrates during exercise sound quite realistic if fat burning is the goal.

However, this is not a smart plan! The body also burns when there are still carbohydrate reserves. Fats and carbohydrates are very important to keep other vital functions, such as the brain, running.


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Energy gels