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Buying the right men's running shoes

Running shoes come in many varieties. Triathlonworld has the right shoe for every situation! To prevent aches and injuries, it is important that shoes fit properly. This starts with the question of what the shoe will be used for.

The difference in shoes nowadays is mainly in the cushioning. The cushioning largely determines what the shoes can be used for.

Competition shoes combine the cushioning that provides suspension with a plastic plate that always keeps the foot in the same position during landing and take-off. This ensures that the muscles have to absorb less and therefore become less tired over time.

Training shoes do not have a plastic plate, because this can place extra strain on the tendons. These shoes therefore have extra focus on cushioning to better absorb and distribute the load of running. This ensures a smooth running and handling, making every meter feel just a little easier than before.

Be well informed about which pair of shoes best suits your running profile. Read the description or contact our product specialist via customer service.


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