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Wat zijn Elektrolyten? En hoe kun je je elektrolyten weer aanvullen?

What are Electrolytes? And how can you replenish your electrolytes?

, by Dennis Florussen, 4 min reading time

Electrolytes, what are they? We've all heard it: "Don't you forget to replenish your electrolytes?" But how do you replenish your electrolytes?

Electrolytes, what are they? We all hear it sometimes: “Don't you forget to replenish your electrolytes?”. And of course we all say: “of course I will”, but do we know what we need to supplement? 

What exactly are electrolytes?
First the most difficult part. Electrolytes are negatively or positively charged particles of a molecule, (or ions) that are dissolved in water or blood. These ions contain electricity because they are negatively or positively charged. Hence the term Electrolytes.

To keep your muscle and nerve function functioning properly, we are very dependent on the electricity of the ions. Water in which ions have been dissolved (ionized water) ensures that the body absorbs them faster. For example, the acidity of your blood is very dependent on electrolytes. We all know the feeling of running into a cramp. This is caused by a lack of electrolytes. 

The good thing is: one cannot have a surplus of electrolytes so quickly. A deficiency occurs much more quickly. Take this into account with your use and the right choice for additional sports nutrition.

These are the most important electrolytes for our body: 

  • Magnesium 
  • Sodium 
  • Calcium 
  • Bicarbonate 
  • Potassium 
  • Phosphate 

What does this mean for you as an athlete?
During exercise you lose (a lot of) fluid and that fluid contains valuable electrolytes. Magnesium and sodium are the two main files you lose. Loss of electrolytes will degrade your sports performance if you do not compensate for this. So replenish those electrolytes!

What can you tell when my electrolytes are not up to standard?

A symptom of deficiency can be fatigue. If you feel weak and weak, this may mean that you have an electrolyte deficiency. 

This can be a big sign that you are magnesium deficient. 

Diarrhea or constipation
You can also tell a lot about your electrolyte balance from your big message. Diarrhea or constipation can therefore both be a sign of a disturbed balance. If this bothers you, don't keep it around for too long. This can quickly cause you to become dehydrated, so see your doctor on time. 

Your urine is a strange color:
Dark pee is a sign of dehydration. Because your kidneys want to retain as much fluid as possible in the body, they will ensure that your pee is as concentrated as possible. When you are dehydrated (this can be caused by heavy exercise in hot conditions), your electrolyte balance is also not in order. Even if your pee is too light, this can be a sign that your electrolyte balance is not in order. 

But how do I get enough electrolytes?
You can take electrolytes in various ways. Eating healthy is of course step 1. But for endurance athletes you sometimes still fall short and they can be taken in sports drink, capsule or bar form. The products below contain electrolytes:

HYDRAZERO (LINK) : Sports drink based on essential minerals, ideal for shorter training sessions of <1 hour. 

They are ideal if you naturally sweat a lot and under warm conditions. You lose important vitamins and minerals that are necessary to support your fluid balance. With the Salts Electrolytes you support your fluid balance! You take this separately with water or isotonic sports drink 

These are also capsules for use if you naturally sweat a lot or under warm conditions for extra supplementation. These contain ginger extract to improve digestion, one of the biggest problems athletes often experience during long training or competitions.

These are chewable tablets with mineral salts, the perfect choice for use during training and competition . And delicious with a lemon flavor. 

These two gummy bars both contain electrolytes and are very easy to eat due to the jelly-like structure. Two bars contain the same amount of mineral salt as a Sub9 Salt Electrolyte capsule. 

Regardless of supplementary sports nutrition, healthy eating will of course always remain essential. Make sure you eat enough fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and nuts. This also contains electrolytes. 


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What are Electrolytes? And how can you replenish your electrolytes?