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Welke skeelers kies jij voor je trainingen? 3 of 4 wielen?

Which inline skates do you choose for your training? 3 or 4 wheels?

, by Dennis Florussen, 3 min reading time

Inline skating becomes increasingly popular in the Netherlands . About half a million people in the Netherlands practice inline skating / inline skating sports , from recreational to competitive sports. And especially now that the nice weather is coming, it is an ideal sport to go out.

W hy is roller skating so popular?  

Inline skating is a very good sport to practice for a wide audience 

  • You burn a lot of calories (depending on your weight and intensity) . It is a good cardio workout that burns more than 300 Cal per half hour of inline skating . This is approximately the same as running ; 
  • In addition , it is a full body workout ; you train many different muscle groups, such as arms, abdomen, thighs, calves, hips and buttocks ; 
  • It is a very good cross training for runners, triathletes and cyclists ; 
  • You improve your fitness considerably ; 
  • Has a relatively low impact on your joints and tendons, compared to running ; 
  • Inline skating is a very good endurance sport that can be practiced in many places in the Netherlands . Ideal now also in Corona time. 

Which s keeler should I choose ? 3 or 4 wheels?
What are the major advantages of inline skates with 3 wheels compared to inline skates with 4 wheels? Driving with larger wheels brings a number of major advantages, such as: 

  • Less vibration , especially on bad road surfaces ;  
  • They last longer ;  
  • You are more agile ;  
  • You work best on flexibility at a higher speed 
  • They drive smoother and more efficiently;  
  • Roll longer after a push-off ;  
  • You can simply skate faster .  

However, the major disadvantage of skating on 3 wheels is that , especially for the beginner, you are higher and therefore more unstable. With an inline skate with 4 wheels you are a little closer to the road surface and you can push off more powerfully, which means you experience more pressure. This provides more stability. 

Focus on safety,
Never go out without properly protecting yourself . A good helmet is a must to make your rounds safely. 

When skating, also take other road users into account . You You can also reach high speeds with skates and you simply need more space than a cyclist or runner to be able to make your stroke properly . Hold back for a moment when passing , so that your fellow road users are not startled. Would you like more information about Cadomotus inline skates? Feel free to make an appointment in our showroom.




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Which inline skates do you choose for your training? 3 or 4 wheels?