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Productreview | FE226 The Aeroforce Triathlon Suit | Steff Overmars

Product review | FE226 The Aeroforce Triathlon Suit | Steff Overmars

, by Steff Overmars , 4 min reading time

I wasn't really looking for a new triathlon suit, but the guys from Triathlonworld were so enthusiastic: Steff, you really have to feel and experience this suit!

I wasn't really looking for a new triathlon suit, but the guys from Triathlonworld were quite clear: Steff, you really have to feel and experience this suit!

I had already heard of FE226 and knew that this was a clothing brand. But the range was quite limited. A brand usually starts with basic clothing and slowly works their way up to specialist items such as an Aeropak.

Not with FE226. They immediately came up with this triathlon suit. A German triathlon magazine tested 10 suits from major brands and this suit came out best with a difference of no less than 9 watts over number 2. This certainly made me curious.

I try to share my findings about this suit as honestly as possible, but to give a total disclaimer, I did receive this suit. Still, I think I can give a good opinion about it. I have raced with quite a few fast suits. Think of Fusion, Endura or Bioracer.

What requirements should a good suit meet?

What I think is the most important thing about a suit is the fit. A suit can be as fast or as beautiful, but if it doesn't fit me like a second skin, I don't need it. I don't have the typical triathlete build, but this suit fits nicely everywhere and provides a lot of compression. When I say " huge" I am not exaggerating.

The material presses quite a bit into your body like a compression stocking and at first it seems strange, but after 10 minutes you won't feel it anymore.

Secondly, a suit must be made of fast material. We spend thousands of euros on fast bikes and helmets, but know that the helmet and suit in combination with your position are the most decisive for aerodynamics. A speed suit has now become an indispensable part of the triathlon sport.

Thirdly, the suit and the material should not be warm and I had my doubts about this beforehand, because the suit is black and uses very hydrodynamic fabric that you sometimes see on swim skins, but they usually breathe poorly.

FE226 has tackled the reason why a swim skin comes off after swimming to use this fabric mainly on the core, but with quite a few ventilation holes this provides excellent cooling without affecting the hydrodynamics or aerodynamics .

They also use a cool black fabric that does not absorb heat at all. Coincidentally, I saw in another magazine this week (which was not about this suit) that black fabric is actually not warmer at all than white fabric and that there is often a mental component involved.

Fourth, the suit must be hydrodynamic . I used to think this was less important, but with the summers of today, competitions without a wetsuit are becoming more common. For a half triathlon or longer distance you can certainly wear a swim skin over the suit, but this is not allowed for shorter races. Then you have to finish with the suit with what you wear when swimming.

This is really what makes this suit so special. The fabric provides enormous hydrodynamics as well as aerodynamics and I might not even start half a triathlon with a swim skin, because this is not necessary thanks to the water-repellent nano coating that covers the suit.

Personally, I really like a suit where the zipper can be completely loosened at the front. Because I like to be able to open the zipper completely when walking, but a major disadvantage is that those suits start to scoop up water while swimming and that is not convenient.

The suit is very quick drying
That's a lot of suits, but it is really different from a suit made of power lycra, which stays wet much longer after swimming and sweating. Or if you throw water over you while walking, which makes the suit heavier, which is not desirable.

What I thought was a shame was that the suit had no pockets on the legs, but they were there anyway! They are well hidden. Just like the pocket on the back with aero flap. So there is enough to take gels with you and put empty packaging back (because we don't throw anything on the ground).

This is not an entry-level trisuit and it is also quite pricey, just like other aerosuits. But at a fraction compared to what you spend on your bike and wheels, which may have even less of an impact on speed than a suit. I also expect this suit to be very durable and last a long time, but I have not experienced this long enough.

If you are in the running for a new triathlon suit, you should definitely include this in your selection list!!! The suit is suitable for men and women.

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Product review | FE226 The Aeroforce Triathlon Suit | Steff Overmars