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Zone3 | Vision Terraprene® Wetsuit | Men | Black/Green

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Zone3 | Vision Terraprene® Wetsuit | Men | Black/Green


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    Zone3 | Aspire Wetsuit | Heren | Black Zone3

    The first of its kind, this wetsuit features Yamamoto's groundbreaking new material – Terraprene.

    A WORLD FIRST: Born from the ingenuity of world-renowned neoprene specialists Yamamoto, the remarkable Terraprene material maintains the same level of quality and performance you've come to expect from ZONE3's neoprene wetsuits, while also being able to fully decompose under the right conditions. Once a ZONE3 Terraprene wetsuit has completed its life cycle in the water, it can degrade 30% in just 522 days in the right compostable environment*. The material continues to break down until complete decomposition is achieved. This wetsuit decomposition is only achieved under the right conditions and will not decompose during normal swimming or storage.

    Most important features:

    • New for 2024: groundbreaking Terrapene biodegradable neoprene and a modified buoyancy profile.
    • X-10 one-piece shoulder panel design: stretches across the chest and shoulders for greater flexibility and more efficient strokes.
    • BRE Body Rotation Enhancement panel on the chest: helps maximize distance per stroke and improve body rotation while swimming.
    • Use of 10 different materials: for maximum performance, comfort and durability.
    • Men's suit with 5mm buoyancy panels on the torso and front legs: as well as Aerodome on the hip panels for significant core support.

    Important to know:

    What is Terraprene and what does it break down into? Terraprene is a synthetic rubber with similar properties to performance neoprene, but is produced from renewable raw materials and is 100% biodegradable. It uses limestone (calcium carbonate) as the key ingredient to replace the main petrochemical inputs needed to make polychloroprene (neoprene). In landfill conditions it breaks down into methane and biomass, just like other organic materials in a landfill. There are no microplastics to worry about.

    How do traditional neoprene wetsuits degrade? Traditional neoprene is a synthetic rubber, made from petrochemicals, with great performance in wetsuits. However, it is highly resistant to a wide range of environmental conditions, but it is not biodegradable and will remain in a landfill for more than 100 years, stiffening and then chemically breaking down into smaller particles over long periods of time.

    Under what conditions does the Terraprene material degrade, and how long does it take? Proper heat, humidity and pressure as found in landfill conditions, tested to ASTM 5511 standard. The ASTM 5511 rating determines the rate and extent of anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials in high-solids anaerobic conditions – a lab proxy for the best possible conditions found in landfills. The Terraprene will degrade 30% in 522 days in landfill conditions, provided proper heat, humidity and pressure are present.

    How should I dispose of my Terraprene wetsuit at the end of its life? When it reaches its end of life, throw it in the landfill, where it will break down. Don't try to compost it at home as there won't be enough pressure in your garden waste bin.

    Experience the Vision wetsuit and swim with unparalleled durability, comfort and technological innovation!

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      Zone3 | Vision Terraprene® Wetsuit | Men | Black/Green