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Behind the brand | Cadomotus

Behind the brand | Cadomus

, by Chloë Brazil & Linda Nalis, 3 min reading time

For more than 14 years, engineer Diederik Hol has been able to surpass the top sports skating market with his latest technologies and designs. But how did it all start, what is their mission and what can we expect from Cadomtus this season?

For more than 14 years, engineer Diederik Hol has been able to surpass the top sports skating market with his latest technologies and designs. But how did it all start, what is their mission and what can we expect from Cádomotus this season?

The Cádomotus brand was founded in 2006 by Diederik Hol, an industrial designer from the Netherlands. Hol spent his entire youth on racing bikes and was an elite cyclist for three years. He translated his passion for sports into his graduation assignment: designing a groundbreaking clap skate design.

In 1995, Diederik designed the Rotrax skate and it was put into production by skate manufacturer Raps. Three years later he developed the Tandem Twin, a rollerblade with two wheels that dampen irregularities in the road surface. Inline skating is popular in the Netherlands at that time and after the innovations in skating, innovations in inline skating also follow.

About Cádomotus
In 2006, Diederik decided to start his own business and thus 'Cádomotus' was born. The Cádomotus brand is the Latin name for falling movement and stands for the classical and scientific approach to speed through intelligent movement. Cádomotus made a name for itself in inline skating and long track skating with progressive and technically high-quality designs.

"We strive for progress in everything we do, that is what drives us to constantly innovate. We are constantly in motion, we push boundaries, ensure optimal balance and are focused on developing innovative products that ensure that you get the best out of yourself!" , says Diederik Hol.

Instead of doing what everyone else does, Hol looks for new ways to improve his products. The Cádomotus Record clap skate is a good example of this: the attachment of the blade to the tube is completely different and is produced by a method in which the steel is not bent at high temperatures, which means that the steel continues to behave much more predictably and better.

A look at the collection
What can we expect from Cadomtus this season? Hol recently worked on the first specific skating helmet for marathon skaters. The Cádomotus helmets are also suitable for all forms of speed skating and cycling, when it comes to aerodynamics, safety, weight, fit and ventilation.

There is the Omega aero helmet with visor, the highly developed helmet with honeycomb technology and high-end lenses. The Omega uses three air channels on the inside of the helmet and air is allowed through the honeycombs at the front. This is a unique combination of minimal air resistance and maximum cooling of your head.

The Sigma helmet has also been further developed. The Sigma2 helmet is a super light high-end bicycle helmet with an integrated visor as an option. With a robust shape, aerodynamic geometry and large ventilation channels that keep your head cool, even at the highest temperatures. This helmet is so light and comfortable that you might even forget you're wearing one.

Versatile vs Agility
In terms of inline skates, Cádomotus comes with the Versatile and Agility model. Compared to the Versatile-3, the Agility-3 has a higher skating shoe that offers more support around the ankles, making you more stable. This skate is a very good option for riders who have not been skating for very long.

The skates are equipped with the new Comp TR-3 frame, so you can decide for yourself which setup you will skate with 3x125 wheels (the Agility-3 Skeeler is supplied 3x125mm) or on 3x110 or 4x100mm wheels. So ideal. What are the advantages and disadvantages of inline skates with 3 wheels compared to 4 wheels? We explain this in this blog.

Curious about Cádomotus' innovative products? View the entire collection here!




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Behind the brand | Cadomus