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De beste Garmin triathlonhorloges voor 2023

The best Garmin triathlon watches for 2023

, by Maikel Peeman, 3 min reading time

Below we would like to set out our top 5 of the latest Garmin triathlon watches. Be inspired!

Best Garmin triathlon watch: The 2023 guide 

As a triathlete, a good watch with a multi-sport function is almost a must-have. These watches flawlessly track your swimming, cycling and running training and provide insight into this via apps such as Garmin Connect, Strava and Trainingpeaks. In addition to measuring the sports separately, these watches can also combine them and switch effortlessly between the desired sports. 

Current multisport watches are also excellent smartwatches for everyday use. For example, you can pay via Garmin Pay and they track your night's sleep, for example, so they can accurately estimate your recovery. Based on this they can then provide training advice! It can be as extensive as you want. And the watches are also super stylish in design! 

The Top 5 Garmin Triathlon Watches of 2023

There are several great options to choose from in 2023, and we've rounded up the top 5 Garmin triathlon watches for you.

Garmin Forerunner 965

The Garmin Forerunner 965 is a versatile triathlon watch with extensive functions for swimming, cycling and running. It offers advanced workout metrics, wrist-based heart rate monitoring, GPS navigation, and even music storage. With the extended battery life you can effortlessly tackle the longest triathlons.

Check out the Garmin 965

Garmin Forerunner 745

The Garmin Forerunner 745 is a compact and lightweight watch specially designed for triathletes. It offers advanced running and cycling dynamics, swim analysis, and the ability to customize workouts. You can also measure your oxygen saturation with the built-in Pulse Ox sensor.

Garmin Fenix ​​7

The Garmin Fenix ​​7 is a rugged multisport watch with advanced performance features. It has extensive map and navigation capabilities, long battery life and can withstand rugged conditions. This watch is ideal for triathletes who want to explore adventurous routes.

Garmin Enduro

The Garmin Enduro is designed for endurance sports and ultra-long distances. With an incredible battery life of up to 80 hours in GPS mode and 300 hours in Max Battery mode, this watch is perfect for triathletes taking on extreme challenges.

Garmin Venu 3

The Garmin Venu 3 is a stylish watch with a clear AMOLED screen. It offers extensive sports and health features, including advanced sleep measurements and stress tracking. While it may not be as specific as some of the other watches on this list, it is an excellent choice for triathletes who also want to enjoy everyday activities.

Check out the Venu 3


No matter which Garmin triathlon watch you choose, you can trust that your performance will be tracked and analyzed in a way that will help you achieve your goals. With advanced technology and easy-to-use interfaces, Garmin remains a top choice for triathletes in 2023.

Make sure you consider your personal needs and budget when choosing the right watch for your triathlon adventures. Each of these watches has its own unique features and benefits, so you can be sure you'll find the perfect companion to take your training and racing to the next level.





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The best Garmin triathlon watches for 2023