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Testing: Cadomotus Versatile skeelers

Testing: Cadomotus Versatile inline skates

, by Mirja Dooren, 3 min reading time

Are Cadomotus inline skates really that fast? Mirja Dooren put it to the test and talks about her experiences.

Learned young is done old, they say. But to now ride long distances with the (stunt) rollerblades she had as a child did not seem like a good idea to her. That's why it was time to put the inline skates from Cadomotus to the test. Mirja talks about her experiences with the new skates.

How I ever started rollerblading
I started taking skating lessons around the age of six and after I received rollerblades for my birthday I was over the moon! Now I could also race through the street or do stunts in the local skate park and I didn't have to go to the skating rink (or wait for winter). And although I can get along well with skating on the high speed skates, I got stuck with skating on the (stunt) rollerblades with high shoes and small wheels. Great for quiet trips, but it's not as fast as skating...

When my friend received inline skates for his birthday this year, I had to come up with something to keep up with him and because there are now also inline skates for sale at TriathlonWorld, I decided to treat myself to the Cadomuts – Versatile-3 - 4x100mm inline skates.

Why the Versatile-3 with 4x100mm wheels?
The Versatile-3 has a lower skating shoe than the Agility-3 . This means that this shoe offers slightly less support around the ankles. If you start skating, this support is very nice, but because I already have more experience on skates, I decided to go for the Versatile. I also tried on the Agility in the showroom and noticed that I liked the Versatile better in the deep skating position.

I chose the 4x100mm wheels for stability, because I have no experience with these types of rollers yet. The great thing is that you can easily change the wheels, so later I will definitely try the 3x125mm! But first I want to gain some more experience and become stronger in my ankles.

My first experience
The first time I had to get used to it! Wobbling a bit, I left the street towards a long straight cycle path nearby. Once I got there, I was quickly able to convert the skating feeling into inline skating. Only problem... How do you put the brakes on these things? Because this is the biggest difference with skates with a brake pad, or with ice skates.

Fortunately, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that can give tips about this and for the time being I just make sure I go outside when it is quiet and look far ahead while skating.

The shoes are very sturdy and did not fit well during the first rides. But fortunately the shoes are plastically deformable for a reason and you can do this at home in your own oven (for a precise explanation see the Cádomuts website ). This was very easy to do and the shoes now fit perfectly.

A good addition
Despite my skating experience, it took some time to get used to these rollerblades. Yet it didn't take long before I could get the hang of these rollerblades. It is a good alternative training to swimming, running and cycling. And if we get another good, hard winter, inline skating is an excellent way to prepare for long skating trips!


Mirja Dooren




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Testing: Cadomotus Versatile inline skates