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Triathlon benodigdheden | Wat heb je nodig om te trainen voor een triathlon?

Triathlon supplies | What do you need to train for a triathlon?

, by Claudia Striekwold, 3 min reading time

How do you train for a triathlon and what do you need for training? We are happy to give you some tips.

What do you need for your first triathlon? Be well prepared at the start of your first competition with the tips from Claudia Striekwold.

Triathlon first-timers on your marks

“Do I need all that” ?! That was my first reaction when I started training for my first competition. You can make it as crazy as you want of course, but in the end you have to stay above water, pedal, and put one foot in front of the other. But I probably have some useful tips for you.


Swimming is a profession in itself for many. Technically the most difficult discipline of the 3. My tip: start with a front crawl course or swimming lessons from a swimming coach. “Muddling through” yourself can result in ingrained mistakes that are difficult to remove. You can then continue to work with the tips you receive. But what do you need for your swimming training?

  • Good swimwear of course. A swimsuit or swimming trunks that stay in place during your training is essential.
  • A swimming cap (most men also swim with one), and well-fitting (!) goggles. I use 3 types of swimming goggles from Aquasphere that fit my face well, and I have them with different lenses for indoors, outdoors, sun, etc.
  • Your swimming training often starts with technique exercises. There are various swimming tools on the market for this purpose. I recommend a board, pullbuoy and snorkel (front) to start with in the pool as training tools, because with this you can technically practice everything separately (breathing, legs, arm stroke).
  • During the competition there is usually swimming in open water. Then a wetsuit is often a requirement (depending on the water temperature). A wetsuit protects you against the cold but also provides more buoyancy. This is important to know when purchasing a suit. See if you can try different suits on a wetsuit test day. Or ask a specialist for advice. It is a big investment, but a good wetsuit will certainly let you swim better and faster.


Cycling is the discipline that generally takes the most time, and the part that most people want to invest in the most. “You can buy speed,” but high-end material alone is not enough. You still have to climb the stairs yourself. A bicycle (whether it is a racing bike or triathlon bike) that fits well and you enjoy cycling is step 1. A bike fitting can help you prevent injuries, it ensures the correct adjustment of your bicycle, choice of saddle, pedals, etc.

What do you really need?

  • A good bicycle helmet . No training or racing without a helmet. Accidents can happen very easily, so choose your own safety.
  • You can supplement the helmet with a visor or cool cycling glasses . This offers you protection against flies and offers better visibility with the sun.
  • Good cycling shoes for your training or triathlon shoes for a quick change during your race.


There is also a lot on the market for the running part, but my advice:

  • Choose a suitable running shoe. Here too the following applies: The most expensive shoe is not always the best. Get advice on which shoe best suits your running technique / foot / distances.
  • Do you want to go “one step further” and do you love analyzing your training? Nowadays you can also run with a power meter. I'm a big fan of the Stryd, which measures wattage and cadence, and therefore detects wind, height difference and surface.
  • Multisport watch. A good watch is essential to track all your training. You can use this while swimming, running and cycling and the transition time is also recorded. I use a Garmin Forerunner to view my training (and competition) data. There are many types on the market. Before you make a choice, choose which features you would like to have.

Long story short; You can make it as crazy as you want :D Just ask if you want tips or want to discuss something.

Greetings, Claudia




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Triathlon supplies | What do you need to train for a triathlon?