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Welke Triathlon Fiets is populair ?

Which Triathlon Bike is Popular?

, by TriathlonWorld, 3 min reading time

Currently, there are several triathlon bikes that are popular and appreciated by triathletes.

Currently, there are several triathlon bikes that are popular and appreciated by triathletes.

Some of the popular brands and models include:

  1. Cervélo P-Series: The Cervélo P-Series is widely considered one of the best triathlon bikes on the market. These bikes have excellent aerodynamics and offer advanced functionality for triathletes of different levels.

  2. Specialized Shiv: The Specialized Shiv is another popular choice among triathletes. It has a streamlined design and offers advanced features to improve aerodynamics and increase speed.

  3. Canyon Speedmax: Canyon is a brand known for its value for money, and the Speedmax series is highly rated by triathletes. These bikes offer excellent aerodynamics and performance at a reasonable price.

  4. Trek Speed ​​Concept: The Trek Speed ​​Concept is another household name in the triathlon world. It has a sleek design and offers advanced aerodynamics and performance-oriented features.

  5. BMC Timemachine: The BMC Timemachine is a popular choice due to its advanced aerodynamics and technology. These bikes are designed to help triathletes maximize their speed and efficiency.

The new triathlon bike | Cube Aerium X:68X

Cube Aerium X:68X

CUBE has launched its new, even more aerodynamic triathlon bike, the AERIUM X:68X. The new bike is the successor to the existing Aerium C:68 that was launched in 2018. According to Cube, this was already one of the fastest triathlon bikes for sale.

The developers at Cube were not yet satisfied and decided to build an even faster triathlon bike in collaboration with Lucy Charles-Barclay.

Lucy Charles Cube

Why do you need a triathlon bike?

A triathlon bike is specially designed for triathlon competitions, in which you swim, cycle and run. Owning a triathlon bike offers several advantages over a regular racing bike or mountain bike.

Here are a few reasons why a triathlon bike can be useful:

  1. Aerodynamics: Triathlon bikes are designed with an aerodynamic frame and components to reduce drag. This helps you cut through the air faster, which is especially important when cycling at high speed over long distances.

  2. Time advantage: The aerodynamics of a triathlon bike can lead to a significant time advantage over other bicycles. Even small improvements in drag can make a noticeable difference over long distances.

  3. Positioning: Triathlon bikes have a specific geometry that focuses on the optimal position. This geometry places you in an aerodynamic and comfortable position, sparing your muscles for the next running part of the triathlon.

  4. Storage options: Triathlon bikes often have extra mounting points and storage options to take food, drinks and other essential items with you during the race. This is useful because triathletes often spend longer journeys without access to facilities.

  5. Specific features: Triathlon bikes may have features such as integrated hydration systems, special brake levers, adjustable aerobars and other components that improve performance and comfort during the cycling phase of the triathlon.

A triathlon bike is certainly not necessary for novice triathletes or those who only participate in triathlons recreationally.

For shorter distances or if you are just starting out with triathlons, a regular racing bike can also suffice. Having a triathlon bike becomes more important as your involvement and ambition in the sport grows.


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Which Triathlon Bike is Popular?