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Product review - on cloudmonster hyper

  • Step into the future of running with the On Cloudmonster Hyper - a revolution in speed, comfort and performance. This shoe is not only the newest addition to the Cloudmonster family, but a true game changer that challenges you to push your limits.

    Created to send you flying across the tarmac, the On Cloudmonster Hyper combines advanced technology with unparalleled craftsmanship. The shoe is lighter, more responsive and faster than ever before, allowing you to pick up the pace and conquer the road at unprecedented speed.


Experience the perfect balance between speed and versatility with the On Cloudmonster Hyper. This innovative running shoe will take your performance to new heights, whether you're training for a race or just enjoying a fast endurance run.

  • Revolutionary Cushioning: The Cloudmonster Hyper features Helion HyperFoam, providing every step with maximum cushioning and energy return for a flying start.
  • Improved Traction Pattern: The updated rubber outsole provides improved grip and traction, so you can accelerate effortlessly on different surfaces.
  • No Speedboard Required: Unlike other On shoes, the Cloudmonster Hyper has no speedboard in the midsole, which ensures a softer landing and less reactive push-off, while the CloudTec technology stores and releases energy with every step.

why is the cloud monster hyper suitable for me?

1. You are looking for a shoe for interval training

If you're looking for a running shoe that's perfect for interval and tempo training, the Cloudmonster Hyper is exactly what you need. With its lightweight design and resilient Helion HyperFoam in the forefoot, this shoe offers unparalleled responsiveness and energy return with every step.

2. long distances walking is your preference

With the On Cloudmonster Hyper you make the perfect choice for an all-round running shoe that is ideal for covering long distances, such as half and full marathons.


If you are going to cover a lot of kilometers on the road, it is nice to use a shoe with a lot of cushioning. Thanks to the light upper and the light materials in the sole, comfort with the Cloudmonster Hyper does not come at the expense of weight.

"The On Cloudmonster Hyper offers a balanced mix of speed and flexibility, making every step feel natural and fluid."

Lenno Huizer - Product expert at TriathlonWorld

did you know...

  • ON | Cloudmonster Hyper | Heren| Undyed / Mint Triathlonworld

    The Cloudmonster Hyper has a midsole made of Hyperfoam.

  • ON | Cloudmonster Hyper | Heren| Undyed / Mint Triathlonworld

    Hyperfoam is made from PEBAX, which gives you maximum energy return so you can keep running at speed.

  • ON | Cloudmonster Hyper | Heren| Undyed / Mint Triathlonworld

    PEBAX is known for its excellent elasticity, toughness and resistance to wear.

  • ON | Cloudmonster Hyper | Heren| Undyed / Mint Triathlonworld

    PEBAX is therefore also widely used in all carbon competition shoes of today.

ON | Cloudmonster Hyper | Heren| Undyed / Mint Triathlonworld ON | Cloudmonster Hyper | Heren| Undyed / Mint Triathlonworld
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    The upper consists of 85% recycled polyester.

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    This gives the shoe sufficient grip on wet and dry surfaces.

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    The underlay of the Cloudmonster Hyper is made of Helion Superfoam for increased stability.

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    For a particularly high degree of resilience.

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    Top layer of Helion HyperFoam for maximum energy return and cushioning.


You can also see the On Cloudmonster Hyper as a premium version of the Cloudmonster 2 . The Cloudmonster Hyper has hyperfoam, a PEBA-based cushioning material that offers more energy return than the regular version of the Cloudmonster. This makes the Cloudmonster Hyper slightly more suitable for fast intervals and tempo training.

Both the Cloudmonster 2 and the Cloudmonster Hyper are suitable for running short and long distances due to their high comfort level.

  • Conclusion: The Cloudmonster Hyper is the premium version of the Cloudmonster 2 and is therefore faster and better than its competitor.



The On Cloudmonster Hyper uses two different cushioning materials for an optimal running experience. The firm Helion Superfoam forms the bottom layer, while the top layer is equipped with the resilient Helion HyperFoam, based on PEBAX. Thanks to this combination, you enjoy maximum cushioning and energy return in the forefoot while running, making every step feel smooth and responsive.

2. renewed WEAR SOLE

This versatile shoe features an updated rubber outsole with an improved traction pattern, allowing you to move effortlessly on a variety of surfaces while maintaining your speed.

3. extreme CloudTec technology

Unlike other On running shoes, the Cloudmonster Hyper does not have a speedboard in the midsole. This makes both the landing and take-off feel a bit softer and less reactive. However, thanks to the advanced CloudTec technology, with its signature round elements in the midsole, all energy is stored in the shoe and then returned during every step.

the world of on running shoes

On offers a range of running shoes, suitable for both novice and advanced runners. Looking for speed and cushioning in one shoe? Then the On Cloudmonster Hyper is the ideal choice.

Would you prefer a softer shoe for long distances? The Cloudstratus , with its high level of comfort thanks to the On CloudTec technology, is perfect.

In recent years, On has also made an impression with their competition shoes. The On Cloudboom Echo 3 , with carbon plate and Helion HyperFoam from Pebax, is the ultimate choice for those who want to get the most out of their performance.

Choose the shoe that suits your goals for every training or competition.

the conclusion of triathlonworld

The On Cloudmonster Hyper is the perfect shoe for any running training, regardless of your goals. Whether you're aiming for long distances or simply want to improve your speed, this versatile shoe has you covered. With its lower drop and superfoam in the forefoot, the Cloudmonster Hyper offers a unique experience for mid- and forefoot runners.

Similar to leading models such as the HOKA Skyward X and the adidas Adizero Prime X2 Strung, the Cloudmonster Hyper combines extreme comfort with the latest innovations. Whether you're doing easy or fast miles, this shoe gives you the support and response you need.

Curious and enthusiastic about ON's latest super shoe? Shop the Cloudmonster Hyper now in our webshop! Still have a few questions about your new running shoes? We completely understand that! Please feel free to contact our product experts!


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Product Review: ON Cloudmonster Hyper