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Hammer | Recoverite | Orange Vanilla | 32 servings

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Hammer | Recoverite | Orange Vanilla | 32 servings


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    Hammer Recoverite is very effective, very tasty, and offers exactly what your body needs to recover properly!

    Athletic performance enhancement relies on an exercise program to stimulate muscular and cardiovascular adaptation, followed by a recovery period during which the body rebuilds itself slightly fitter than before. The real gain from your training happens during recovery, but only if you take enough rest and with optimal nutritional support. Replenishing carbohydrates and proteins as soon as possible after your workout will help you get the most out of every minute you invest in your training.

    This is the ideal time for Recoverite, which provides unsurpassed nutritional support to ensure you get maximum value from your training and for full recovery after every training session and race.

    Recoverite today, recover well tomorrow!

    Mix 1 scoop of Recoverite with 125-250 ml of water.

    Use immediately after training and competition to optimize recovery - glycogen replacement, electrolyte replacement and muscle tissue repair. Recoverite can also be used as a meal replacement product (MVP).

    Portion size
    One serving is equal to two measuring spoons of Recoverite, and contains 170 kilocalories (approx. 49 g powder). One scoop of Recoverite contains 85 calories.

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      Hammer | Recoverite | Orange Vanilla | 32 servings