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Buy triathlon clothing for women

Doing a triathlon involves a lot of equipment, including clothing. Triathlon clothing is different from other sports clothing, because you can do all three disciplines in it. This means you can swim, cycle and run in a tri suit. These suits must therefore provide space and support in all necessary movements. Triathlonworld has a wide range of women's triathlon clothing.


Using a tri suit has the great advantage that no time is lost in the transition zone changing clothes between the disciplines. In addition, the fabric dries quickly so that you sit dry on the bike, it has pockets to take sports nutrition with you on the go and it has a small chamois that does not get in the way while running, but provides sufficient support while cycling.

Short or long sleeves?

The faster you go, the more aerodynamics matter. For many people who just want to do a triathlon and are not competitive at all, this makes little difference. Yet you also see this group of people more often in a suit with sleeves. Many people find it nicer to look at, a bit warmer on the bike or simply feel more comfortable with it. These are of course also excellent reasons to get a suit with sleeves. In some competitions long sleeves are not allowed, you can read more about that here !

Customized tri suits

Would you like to have a tri suit printed for yourself or for your team with sponsor or team logos? Then Triathlonworld is the right place for you! We have years of experience in the field of triathlon clothing printing and are happy to help you. Contact us!


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