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De nieuwe mogelijkheden van de Stryd Next Gen

The new capabilities of the Stryd Next Gen

, by Ronald de Graaf, 4 min reading time

The new features of the Stryd NEXT Gen work together to create an immediate impact on your running training, helping you train better, be faster and recover smarter.

Stryd's new features work together to create an "instant impact" on your running training, helping you train better, race faster, and recover smarter.

  • 5x improved responsiveness for the most accurate pacing
  • track stress to stay healthy and support your performance
  • new running profiles to tailor the power pace to your training conditions
  • sprint accuracy for tracking improvements in speed work

Let's delve deeper into the new Stryd!

Up to 5x improved responsiveness to instantly reach and track your power goal

The next generation of Stryd delivers incredible responsive power that truly delivers on the promise of power: one metric to guide your run in all conditions. You can now choose the right intensity faster and easier in any running condition with up to 5x improved power response compared to the previous generation Stryd. The new technology is powered by a combination of next-generation motion sensors, a newly designed Stryd pod and clip, and a breakthrough algorithm.

The improvement in Stryd's responsiveness will be felt immediately on the first run. Whether you complete a mixed-intensity workout, sprints, or run over varied terrain or on the track, you'll find that you can reach target intensity faster and more easily.

Monitor the stress, enable your recovery and maintain performance

With the next generation of Stryd, we're introducing a new feature to track lower body stress so you can recover better and maintain peak performance. Powered by Stryd's new ability to accurately track impact loading rates, runners can quickly identify and work to recover from major changes in lower body stress that could otherwise be problematic.

Impact Loading Rate records how quickly your body absorbs force when the foot comes into contact with the ground. Optimize recovery by learning to handle situations where the body is exposed to high impact loads, such as downhill running and running at high speeds.

Training momentum is critical in pursuing your goals.

This new impact data can allow us to provide insights to help you minimize mechanical stress while maximizing metabolic and race-specific training. We hope this statistic keeps you on top of the game.

What makes these new innovations possible?

New improved sensors give Stryd an unparalleled view of your run

There is always more to discover during your run. With improved detection capabilities, the next generation of Stryd will find it!

Stryd's next-gen sensors capture your run with 4x dynamic range to pick up even your highest performance efforts and the 6x sample rate allows Stryd to see every step you take in more detail than ever before. More vital parts of your run are analyzed to discover more data than ever before.

Additionally, improved hardware filtering means the next generation of Stryd captures everything that matters and discards what doesn't.

Your run is recorded in unparalleled millimeter and sub-millisecond precision to give you unprecedented insights.

1: Compared to the previous Stryd Wind foot pod.

2: Dynamic range is the ratio of the largest and smallest resolvable signals.

3: The sampling rate is the number of data points taken in a given time interval.

4: Hardware filtering is filtering on analog sensor data before digitalization.

New Next Gen advanced materials and design: new capabilities, accuracy and consistency

The next generation of Stryd can see deeper into every step you take with an improved, more stable attachment to your shoe, enabling new capabilities of the Next Gen while improving accuracy and consistency during your most extreme running performances.

A combination of aerospace-grade aluminum, advanced fiber materials and double-sided silicone ensure Stryd stays anchored to your foot in all running conditions. Stryd's housing now covers 100% of the pod in advanced fiber materials for a new level of strength and robustness. The next-generation clips feature high-grip silicone surfaces that add stability to keep Stryd more anchored to your foot than ever - even on shoes with unconventional lacing patterns.

All together, Stryd's next generation materials and design deliver new levels of stability and quality data to enable new possibilities and insights, for all your running activities.

Source: Stryd




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The new capabilities of the Stryd Next Gen