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Wat is het nut van herstelvoeding na het sporten?

What is the use of recovery nutrition after exercise?

, by Ronald de Graaf, 4 min reading time

After a heavy workout, recovery nutrition is important to allow your muscles to recover properly and to prevent muscle pain. But does recovery nutrition really help with this?

After a heavy workout, recovery nutrition is important to allow your muscles to recover properly and to prevent muscle pain. In addition, you can replenish your energy stores with recovery food , so that you can perform optimally again during the next training session.

But does recovery nutrition really help with this? We would like to tell you more about the usefulness of recovery nutrition after exercise.

You probably know it. Heavy legs, tired body, a lot of muscle pain or restless sleep. These are all signs that your body has not yet recovered after your last workout. You can speed up your recovery with good recovery nutrition. You supplement your light with the right nutrients, so that you can perform maximally during your next training. Recovery nutrition is about replenishing spent energy stores and fluids and providing the body with the right nutrients to repair damaged tissue during your training.

Did you know that in the preparation for a marathon or triathlon, most athletes drop out before the race? Injuries, fatigue and overtraining quickly arise in endurance sports. Recovery nutrition is an important link in your training schedule, but often an underestimated part. We are happy to help you on your way.

But what do you choose?

A recovery shake is recommended after every training, both after strength training and endurance training. After strength training, the focus is more on proteins than on carbohydrates. In contrast to endurance training, the consumption of carbohydrates (glycogen) is much less, so you also have to replenish them less. After strength training, it is important to immediately provide the body with the necessary proteins, preferably at least 20 to 25 grams. After endurance training, the focus is on replenishing your glycogen reserves with quality carbohydrates. A recovery shake offers both. The advice is to drink the shake within 30 minutes after your training, so that your body immediately replenishes the nutritional values ​​​​in your body.

RECOVERY DRINK contains approximately 40% of the best proteins.
500ml contains +/-20-25 g protein, +/-250 mg Arginne and +/-1.5g Creatine.

K-weeks Immune breakfast shake.

Do you have a number of intensive training weeks planned? Supplement your diet with a breakfast shake. The composition based on whey protein and active ingredients such as Megaflora 9 evo, colostrum, chamomile, royal jelly and echinacea make this an ideal product for maintaining 100% good health. The k-weeks Immune breakfast share improves and supports your immune system, helps to maintain muscle mass and improves your general recovery after exertion. It also keeps cartilage, ligaments and tendons flexible. The healthy start to the day and the basis of a healthy lifestyle.


  • Megaflora 9 EVO: probiotics and prebiotics, promote and contribute to the development of intestinal flora.
  • 70% Whey Protein: high-quality protein to support growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Royal Jelly : is a special product with many active ingredients, from organic sugar to hormones and enzymes. It keeps cells young and protects against aging, making the body better protected against external influences.
  • Echinacea: improves general resistance.
  • Apigenin: is recognized as a bioactive flavonoid with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-angiogenic, anti-allergy, anti-genotoxic and anti-cancer properties.
  • Beta 1.3 / 1.6 Glucan: stimulate macrophages and neutrophils.
  • Vitamin B6: contributes to appropriate protein metabolism and glycogen and normal function of the immune system (EFSA).

Night recovery cream

Do you want to perform at your best tomorrow? Or do you sleep restlessly during heavy training weeks? Then choose the night recovery cream. The ultimate product that makes your recovery complete, fast and delicious. This cream is not only nice before you go to bed, but also ensures that you wake up fit again.

The night recovery cream improves your performance on the most demanding training and competition days. It ensures that you immediately recover optimally during periods of high training load.


  • Calcium caseinate slows down the metabolism of amino acids and thus prolongs protein synthesis, promotes muscle growth and strengthens bones.
  • Colostrum that provides amino acids. These amino acids include albumins which are necessary for cellular metabolism and cell regeneration. It also contains immunoglobulins, antibodies that are vital and crucial for the protection and prevention against infections that can attack the body.
  • L-Glutamine to repair muscle fibers and facilitate protein synthesis. It also has a buffering effect against lactic acid and inhibits its effects.
  • L-Tryptophan , essential to promote the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin involved in the regulation of sleep and pleasure. It regulates anxiety, insomnia and stress.
  • Amylopectin as a carbohydrate dissipates insulin and improves the absorption of the protein.




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What is the use of recovery nutrition after exercise?