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“We gaan het anders doen..”

“We're going to do it differently..”

, by Lenno Huizer, 3 min reading time

With this text in mind, Ronald and I (Lenno) recently entered the new building in Meppel.

“We're going to do it differently..”

With this text in mind, Ronald and I recently entered the new building in Meppel.

After the ink on the rental contract was somewhat dry, Ronald posted this text on LinkedIn with a nice photo of our new building.

Jelle Veersema responded almost immediately to this post asking whether Cyclone could contribute something to this, the coffee meeting was quickly arranged.
During the meeting with Jelle and his colleague Sigrid, we quickly discovered that our joint ambitions overlapped considerably and that we saw enough starting points for a great collaboration.

Because let's face it, packages from delivered by a bicycle courier are of course a 'match made in heaven'. Of course, there are still plenty of areas where this method of delivery is not yet possible, but Cyclone is working hard on this and we are confident that this will only improve in the coming period.

Our sporty customers who now receive a package from an equally sporty bicycle courier can only appreciate this and we even think that it can only benefit the customer experience of our sporty company.

This method of delivery not only fits better with our sporty image, but is also much more sustainable! Exactly what we had in mind with our first post on LinkedIn “We are going to do things differently..”.

The average saving on CO2 emissions is 60%! Cyclone's aim is to be climate positive by 2025 and we are more than happy to contribute to that.

Below are some figures why we were happy to work with Cyclone:

As far as we're concerned, it doesn't stop there...

In these times of staff shortages and the ever-increasing demand for faster and more, we will also do this differently. Of course, we and Cyclone do our utmost to deliver everything on time, but we also ask for your understanding if this is not possible.

A package may occasionally be delayed, from our supplier, when processing an order in our warehouse, during packing and/or during delivery. It takes a lot to make everything run smoothly and sometimes it just doesn't work out.

We are therefore going to stop ordering today, delivered tomorrow... not that we will no longer try, but more to give everyone the time to do their work properly. So ordered today before 3 p.m., shipped today (if in stock of course, otherwise longer delivery times apply).

As much as we and Cycloon want it, sometimes it just doesn't work out, so from now on we will process and send orders placed before 3 p.m. and ensure that the package is delivered as quickly as possible. In many cases this will simply be the next day, but sometimes a little later.

Because let's face it, if you order sports nutrition on Friday for a race on Saturday, or order running shoes on Wednesday afternoon, because you are going on holiday early on Friday morning and your package does not arrive on time for whatever reason. Is that because someone is not doing their job properly or because we are not keeping our promises? Or it may be possible to order a little earlier just to be sure.

We would love it if our customers could also contribute to this story. Especially during this time! We are very grateful and we continue to strive to provide the best service every day!

Sporty Greetings Lenno and TEAM TriathlonWorld.



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“We're going to do it differently..”