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Productreview FE226 Running Short

Product review FE226 Running Short

, by Fe226, 2 min reading time

Put on your shoes and take your running training to a new level with THE 2-in-1 Running Short from Fe226!

Put on your shoes and take your running training to a new level with THE 2-in-1 Running Short from Fe226!

These exceptional running shorts from FE226 are built to take your performance to the next level while providing you with unparalleled comfort and convenience. Whether you're hitting the trails, conquering marathons or starting your daily running or triathlon training.

According to Fe226, the 2-in-1 Running Short is a running short that should certainly not be missed in your wardrobe.

Antibacterial and odor-free:

The fabric is treated with an antibacterial agent, which keeps your product odor-free, even after intensive training. This means that you only need to rinse the shorts under cold water after each use and wash them every 3-6 training sessions. By reducing the frequency of washing, you not only save water and detergent, but you also extend the life of your clothes.

Advanced fabric technology:

The core fabric of the 2-in-1 running shorts is lighter, more stretchy, faster drying and better ventilated than any other fabric. It ensures maximum comfort and improves your performance by offering optimal breathability and fast moisture-wicking properties.

In addition, an ecological quick-drying treatment has been added to the fabric, further improving its quick-drying properties.

Exceptional durability:

Fe226 prides itself on the sustainability of their products. The fabric has been tested with the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test and the result is impeccable. All seams are 5-thread stretch overlock, ensuring maximum durability and stretch, so you can move freely and confidently during your runs.

Reflective prints for safety:

Safety is a top priority for Fe226. THE 2-in-1 running shorts have reflective prints on both the front and back, for maximum visibility in low light. Stay safe and be seen while you concentrate on your training.

Ethical and sustainable production:

Fe226 takes a responsible approach to production. They produce exclusively in European factories that meet social and environmental standards. By using high-quality, locally sourced fabrics and producing in smaller batches, Fe226 ensures that every step of their production process is in line with sustainability principles.

Although Fe226 products may have a higher price compared to well-known brands, this reflects our commitment to quality, ethics and sustainability.

Take your training to the next level!


Improving your running technique is crucial to improving your performance and reducing the risk of injury. An important aspect is your running cadence, or the number of steps per minute. Although the ideal cadence varies from person to person, aiming for approximately 180 steps per minute is a worthwhile goal. Increasing your cadence allows you to run faster with less effort and minimize the risk of injuries caused by factors such as heel strike.

To help you improve your cadence, Fe226 offers the Ekstra Mile Perfect Posture Top and Muscle Activator Short . These products are designed to improve your running technique and can help improve your cadence. By using these tools, you can optimize your running form and reduce the risk of injuries.


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Product review FE226 Running Short