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226ERS | Sub9 Race Day | SoftLemon | Sachet

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226ERS | Sub9 Race Day | SoftLemon | Sachet


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    SUB9 RACE DAY is currently the energy sports drink with the most carbohydrates per portion.

    To ensure that 82 g of carbohydrates and 332 kcal are absorbed, 226ERS has created a drink that the stomach can easily process.

    These next-generation carbohydrates are more efficient at replenishing glycogen in the body:

    • They ensure a long-lasting, perfect release of energy during and after exercise.
    • Fewer insulin peaks, promoting the use of glucose at the cellular level over a shorter period of time and maintaining blood sugar levels for longer.
    • Rapid gastric emptying thanks to its high molecular weight and low osmolarity, promotes digestion.
    • Does not inhibit fat burning.

    Provides practically 1g of BCAAs in an 8:1:1 ratio with extra Leucine per serving. The combination of these essential amino acids is perfect for endurance sports:

    • Metabolic energy for the muscles.
    • Maintains glycogen levels.
    • An anabolic effect (mainly thanks to leucine) and actively participates in the process of muscle recovery.

    Contains 230 mg L-Carnitine, derived from L-carnitine L-tartrate, a stabilized form of L-carnitine. The absorption rate is slightly higher than with other forms of L-carnitine.

    • It helps transport long-chain fatty acids into cellular mitochondria, increasing energy supply to the muscles and promoting blood flow in the area.
    • Increases the production of ketones that prevent protein catabolism.
    • Conserves glucose and muscle glycogen to improve performance and recovery and reduce damage to muscle tissue.

    Provides 460 mg of sodium from the use of sea salt. At high temperatures and high humidity it can be supplemented with additional sodium, preferably with capsules, at the rate of 1 g of sodium per liter of water.

    SUB9 RACE DAY is suitable for vegans. It comes in a single dose with a mild lemon flavor.

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      226ERS | Sub9 Race Day | SoftLemon | Sachet