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Dynamic | Slick Wax 250 ml

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Dynamic | Slick Wax 250 ml


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    Slick Wax protects your chain against corrosion, wear and prevents the adhesion of dirt.

    The wax ensures that your chain runs smoothly and quietly and keeps your drivetrain clean and dry. A sticky chain with oil is a thing of the past thanks to Slick Wax. You simply apply the wax to a clean and dry chain and you will almost never have to completely degrease your drivetrain again. You can simply reapply Slick Wax and remove any dirt or excess wax beforehand with a cloth or brush.

    For all bicycles

    Dynamic Slick Wax is suitable for all weather conditions and all cycling disciplines. Whether it is your racing bike, MTB, gravel bike or e-bike, you only need 1 product to lubricate your chain. By using this wax, your drivetrain will last up to 40% longer. In addition, Slick Wax adheres better than other chain waxes.


    First time application:

    Degrease your chain, cassette and crankset thoroughly with a degreasing chain cleaner, then rinse everything with water to ensure that no residue of the degreaser remains. Allow the chain and other drivetrain components to dry completely. Shake the bottle well before use and then apply 1 drop of Slick Wax to the inside and outside of each chain link. Let this sit for 2-3 hours and then apply a second drop to the inside and outside of each chain link. Then wait at least 2-3 hours before cycling so that the wax can harden properly. If necessary, you can remove excess wax with a cloth or brush.

    Run the chain through a cloth to wipe off any dirt or excess wax, you can also use a brush for your cassette or derailleur wheels, for example. Then apply a drop of Slick Wax to the inside and outside of each chain link. For best results, we recommend letting the wax harden for 2-3 hours before cycling.

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      Dynamic | Slick Wax 250 ml