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Hammer | Heed | Mandarin Orange | 32 Servings

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Hammer | Heed | Mandarin Orange | 32 Servings


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    HEED is the answer for anyone looking for a highly effective and healthy sports drink. HEED's subtle taste and formula of complex carbohydrates is absorbed by the body as quickly as water.

    This thirst quencher delivers consistent, lasting energy and the electrolytes you need to keep pushing your pace.

    HEED is made with high-quality, natural ingredients and precisely formulated to benefit both your performance and your health.

    Sports drinks and thirst quenchers have been around for a long time and for many athletes they are more convenient than energy gels. Unfortunately, most sports drinks are little more than artificially colored sugar water that does little to improve your sports performance and even less for your health.

    That is why HEED has been developed as a healthy alternative; HEED's subtle flavor and complex carbohydrate formula are easy to swallow, providing you with consistent, long-lasting energy and the electrolytes you need to keep pushing your pace. No citric acid has been added to the formula, so your throat or stomach won't feel burning.

    The sweeteners in HEED – stevia and xylitol – are actually good for you; Xylitol is especially beneficial for promoting your oral hygiene.

    The comprehensive electrolyte profile with amino acid chelate helps meet your body's mineral requirements. L-carnosine and chromium polynicotinate help protect against acidification and support stable blood sugar levels.

    HEED can be used as the sole sports nutrition during exercise for up to two hours, providing all your calorie and most electrolyte needs.

    Portion size
    One scoop of HEED contains 100 kilocalories (approx. 29 g powder).

    Suggested doses per body weight *:




    Up to 41kg

    0.5 - 1 measuring spoon / hr

    50 - 100 kcal

    41 - 55 kg

    0.75 - 1.5 measuring spoon / hr

    75 - 150 kcal

    55 - 70 kg

    1 - 1.5 measuring spoon / hr

    100 - 150 kcal

    70 - 86 kg

    86+ kg

    1.5 - 2 scoops / hr

    2 - 2.25 measuring spoons / hr

    150 - 200 kcal

    200 - 225 kcal

    *These are approximate dosages. Each athlete must determine their personal optimal use in their own training, under different circumstances.
    If you use more than one sports nutrition product, you must combine all the calories from all the products used to achieve the correct total hourly amount.

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      Hammer | Heed | Mandarin Orange | 32 Servings