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Hammer | Endurolytes | 120 pieces

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Hammer | Endurolytes | 120 pieces


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    Do you want a product that allows for effective electrolyte replenishment in all weather conditions, any exercise duration and any exercise intensity?

    Endurolytes, unlike other pills, tablets or premixed drinks, is that product. And don't think electrolytes are the same as sodium. Sodium alone cannot and will not replenish electrolyte needs effectively and can cause more problems than it solves. With Endurolytes you are assured of all the right minerals in exactly the right balance.

    Ideal for: running - cycling - triathlon - climbing - tennis - swimming - marathon - all endurance sports

    • Superior cramp prevention
    • Full spectrum, balanced formula
    • Adapts very quickly
    • Versatile dosage for various conditions

    Cramping is your body's final warning sign that you are in danger of electrolytically draining. Once you reach this point, the performance of many body systems is severely compromised for some time. To continue to fuel your muscular, digestive and cardiac systems as well as your nervous system with all your efforts, you need a consistent supply of all electrolytic minerals. Moreover, in many cases you need much larger amounts of electrolytes than a typical sports drink or gel can provide. That's why Endurolytes is such a crucial part of your fuel supply; it provides your body with a balanced, comprehensive electrolyte source that adapts quickly, allowing you to meet your highly variable electrolyte needs with tremendous precision, regardless of climatic conditions.

    Additional Benefits:
    Taking two or more Endurolytes before bed can help prevent nighttime cramps and muscle twitches.

    Use before, during and after exercise to meet the body's electrolyte needs with maximum precision.

    Use as needed but especially when:

    1. Exercising lasts longer than two hours, regardless of temperature or humidity.
    2. Exercise lasts less than two hours and temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius and/or 70% humidity or temperature and humidity is ten degrees or more higher than you are used to.

    Capsule instructions for use
    As a starting point, we recommend a dose of 1 capsule per 22 - 27 kg of body weight per hour. Take one dose 30-60 minutes before exercise, every hour during exercise, and one dose immediately after exercise.

    There are many variables - body weight, fitness level, weather conditions, acclimation level and physiological predisposition - that influence individual electrolyte requirements, so you should test your own dosing with Endurolytes under different conditions, to determine what your individual needs are.

    Endurolytes does NOT prevent heatstroke, hyponatremia, or any other dangerous physical condition resulting from overexertion in the heat.

    The amount of salt (sodium chloride) you normally consume in your daily diet largely determines the amount of salt you should consume during training and competition. If you are on a high-salt diet, you will need to increase your hourly dosage of Endurolytes or use Endurolytes Extreme.

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      Hammer | Endurolytes | 120 pieces